For kindergartens, schools and associations

Nature guide and knowledge dissemination – an offer to kindergartens, schools and associations

Many schools and kindergartens are near good sites for birds, where one can get close to the birds. The experience of studying birds in an environment close to home can be an important inspiration to explore the natural world. It can lead to an interest that can provide lifelong enjoyment.

Please contact us to agree on arrangements. We have good experiences with taking children and young people into nature, and we have extra binoculars. We can combine excursions with a short slide presentation, where we educate about the species we expect to see.

Our guides have extensive experience in working with children and young people and people in general. Let us show you Lofoten birdlife.

  • All year round
  • Price: Kr 50- 200 per person depending on group and activity

Contact us for an offer.