Birds in Lofoten: Autumn

Hauksanger fanget inn for ringmerking

Barred Warbler

Lofoten attracts rare eastern birds in the autumn, and targeted birdwatching in the area can give many unusual species. Thousands of seabirds migrate or rest along the outer coasts.  Hundreds of Kittiwakes, several Glaucous Gulls and White-billed Divers can be seen on good days in late autumn. Barnacle and Pink-footed Geese migrate past in late September and a few Brent Geese turn up. Also it is possible to see 3 species of skuas.

Krykkjene er til stede i Lofoten året rundt


Jaktfalk - et mektig syn!

Gyr Falcon

Temmincksnipe sees oftest i august

Temminck´s Stint

Bird species to search for in autumn:

For full list of birds observed, and more information about birds in Lofoten here: