Birds in Lofoten: Winter

Måke i vinterlys

A mild oceanic climate and biologically rich seas, Lofoten is an exciting place for birding and photography even in winter. The outer coasts and areas of strong tidal currents offers good nutritional conditions for a variety of seabirds, as well as eagles. Different Seals, otters and several whale species also occur. On the inner coasts of the Lofoten Islands there are sheltered harbours where several species of birds occur. At some localities there are tens of Glaucous gulls and White-billed Divers, and King Eiders are often on the outer coasts as several thousand individuals spend winter in Lofoten. Whooper Swans winter in more sheltered waters and scrublands are the home of good populations of Willow Grouse.

Mulstøa i Flakstad tidlig vinter

Grønlandsmåke fra Henningsvær på Austvågøya

Iceland Gull

Praktærfugl, kanskje verdens vakreste and?

King Eider

Bird species to look for winter in Lofoten

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