Birds in Lofoten: Spring and summer

Islom og gulnebblom under mektige fjell i Flakstad

Great Northern Divers and Yellow-billed Divers

Lofoten has a spectacular and contrasting scenery. The combination of mountains and sea create a beautiful frame for birding and photography. Lofoten is attractive to birds and people throughout the year. Small villages, working fishing villages and agricultural areas create a special atmosphere.

For a birdwatcher and photographer the possibilities are endless when it comes to birding in Lofoten. It is important to take your time to become familiar with the different breeding species. Nearly 100 pairs of White-tailed Eagles nest in Lofoten, good wetland sites offer dozens of breeding pairs of Slavonian Grebes, Redshanks, Oystercatchers, Arctic Skuas, terns and gulls nest along the coasts, Bluethroats, Willow and Rock Ptarmigan and Ring Ouzels along the hillsides and on the mountains – to mention a few.

Because of the short distance between sea and mountains, many of our typical “mountain species” are near the coastline. For the same reason you can go in the mountains, while cormorants and razorbills fly across the sea beneath you and the Sea Eagle circles majestically in the sky.

Smålompar venter på isfrie vann

Red-throated Divers

Svarthalespove fotografert ved Leknes på Vestvågøy

Black-tailed Godwit

Bird species to search for in spring and summer:

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